Tarot’s definition: A set of cards with pictures on those who represent different sections of life and which are thought to show what will happen in the future.

Reversed. Cook immediately tries to clarify. «No, it’s not just that, but this is about someone who’s sort of endangering your current emotional development. Astrology’s definition: The ancient custom of analyzing the movements and positions of the sun, planets, moon, and stars in the belief that they affect human behavior. Not in control.

The host gets his arms crossed in front of him, he’s making faces at Cook, rubbing his face with his hands like in pointed exasperation, and generally creating passive aggressive jabs at Cook through the reading session. Tarot’s definition: A set of cards with pictures on those who represent different sections of life and which are thought to show what will happen in the future. Struggling to harness inner forces. Look. How are they connected? Every zodiac sign in astrology includes a corresponding tarot card, and each tarot card includes a corresponding element (Earth, Water, Air, and Fire).

Avoidance. Unless you’ve been doing some serious grounding meditation and also have an energetic protective mechanism around you thicker compared to the Great Wall of China, that type of hostility coming from another side is going to have an adverse effect on your ability to tap into that instinctive spiritual plane you want to be at for readings. A https://abcdereviews.com/tarot-reading full description of this can be for another article at another time but seriously, go do some research if it’s piqued your interest! Cowardice. Paul Hughes-Barlow reading for Jeffery. My!

Total! Favorite. Not able to break bad habits or conquer addictions. Paul Hughes-Barlow. I’ve been watching her for awhile today and she always makes my jaw drop to the ground. Traditionally, anger, tyranny, weakness, cruelty, impatience.

Last, the host tries to decode Paul Hughes-Barlow. The coolest thing which sets her apart from other YouTubers in her area is she does instinctive readings inside her videos. Occasionally a warning of health problems associated with anger and agitation, for example high blood pressure. Should you aren’t familiar with his work, then check out his website at paulhughesbarlow.com.

She starts with a channeled message from her spirit guides and angels and then pulls cards to supplement the reading. Introspection. He is the author of The Tarot and the Magus (Aeon Books, 2004) and, together with Catherine Chapman, Beyond the Celtic Cross (Aeon Books, 2009). I literally can’t even tell you how many times she’s tapped in my own energy with SPECIFIC particulars. Spirituality. He’s renowned for his work with the Opening of the Major.

Here’s the thing, though — she’s actual af and wants to help you heal, so in the event that you’d like a tarot reader that’s all rainbows and butterflies 24/7, she’s probably not the one for you! In case you’re interested in healing your cute self, then she’s the BEST. Looking objectively in the world around.

I’ve read both of the books and love both. Side note, she has an Instagram (@neptunianmystic) I 111% follow and maintain — she does pick-a-card readings there, in addition to inspirational quotes and testimonials for her work! Learning for the sake of learning.

Highly recommend. ALSO, she provides private readings as well (yes, I’ve gotten one, go ahead and @ me) , and I’d recommend her to anybody. Stepping back from the rapid pace of life for a while to take stock of where you’re. Hughes-Barlow is the only one of the three readers not to utilize the RWS. Check her out! It may be time to consider the lessons of the past.

He’s using the Thoth. Another badass tarot reader, Mystic Moon doesn’t sugarcoat anything. Increasing knowledge for the sake of doing this. Like Boyle, he has the seeker cut on the cards once. She’s here to help you out and truly wants the best for you. A need for space and time alone. We don’t hear much from the content of the reading, interestingly enough.

She’s hilarious and has a few cats which you’ll watch sometimes pop to the videos, which can be super cute. Possibly a smart confidant or tutor. We only hear the end thesis. Coolest thing about her? She creates her very own tarot decks with amazing art work and meaningful messages on them. A beacon of comprehension. «Fundamentally, you need to do less thinking and more doing,» states Hughes-Barlow. I visit her decks throughout the tarot reader community on YouTube.

Traditionally, wisdom, reserve, meditation, secrecy. Then we go to voiceover as Jeffery refers to Hughes-Barlow’s statement as a «vague self cliche. » Go, woman. Reversed. As you watch the clip, observe how Hughes-Barlow gets his arms folded protectively on his front and also how he’s sitting is very grounded and solid (I don’t know how else to explain it) while the host is leaning in, brows furrowed. Her primary focus is on people that are in separation from their person and/or people and are probably having a hard time finding balance and peace.

Antisocial. The trained eye can see who controls the energy within this dynamic. I’ll say it again, in case you’re looking for an enjoyable and lighthearted reading, Mystic Moon isn’t for you — and that’s okay! There are loads of other readers to pick from. Withdrawn. It’s Hughes-Barlow, maybe not the host. She has an Instagram (@mystic_moon_oracles) so go check her out!

Senile. Study this video and examine these three card readers approach a reading with a complete asswipe. «Hellooo, iT’s TyLeR’s TaROt iN tHe HoUseeeee» — that’s his little jingle that’ll get stuck in your head and you’ll begin to sing a long once you observe him. Missing in the dark. Find out something here. Oh man, this guy is SERIOUSLY amusing and pops off on the reg. Possibly a victim of betrayal. As the incident progresses, Jeffery focuses mainly on Boyle and Cook, and even less on Hughes-Barlow.

In case you’re about Twitter, you’ve probably noticed people talk about him and how out of control he’s. Perhaps anxieties of growing old or being alone. What’s that? Because Jeffery isn’t getting anything «entertaining» from Hughes-Barlow. He chooses no sh*t and hates when people tell him he’s incorrect in his live flows. Also, beware of false or dumb teachings.

I hate to call it like this, but Boyle and Cook sort of fall into the host’s trap somewhat during the reading sessions, whereas Hughes-Barlow does not. HOWEVER, for me personally, he’s generally accurate af as well and he does lots of readings. Be mindful of diseases associated with aging, such as arthritis or hearing loss.

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